Pesky’s 20th Birthday Presents!

Today is Pesky’s 20th Birthday!

Our birthday coincides with the exciting news that we have sold Boj to China. iQIYI, is the country’s largest online video platform, which will make the show available in both English and Mandarin to its tens of millions of paid subscribers. Boj will be part of a CBeebies block alongside other shows such as Sarah and Duck and Go Jetters.

And Pesky can also look forward to another birthday present in the summer, this one slightly nearer to home, as its first ever visitor attraction, “Boj Giggly Park”, is currently preparing to open at West Midland Safari Park in the heart of England, ready for their hundreds of thousands of visitors every year.

Pesky 20th Birthday

Pesky has certainly come a long way since partners David Hodgson and Claire Underwood first set up in 1997!

David Hodgson, Pesky co-founder and Boj producer, is looking forward to the next 20 years: “Boj loves to make new friends, and so do we at Pesky, therefore it is wonderful to meet a new partner like iQIYI that wants to introduce us to the whole of China. It’s the best 20th birthday present we could wish for!”

Claire Underwood, Pesky co-founder and Boj creator / director adds: “Our little company has come a long way in 20 years. It’s wonderful to look back over the many projects we have worked on, to see how we’ve grown creatively. Starting with CD roms, Flash games, then three TV series, the BAFTA, a global audience including China and now a visitor attraction. We are no longer Pesky Kids, looks like we’re all grown up!”