Cartoon Forum – 100% Success for Pesky!


This week is the Cartoon Forum’s 25th Birthday! Happy Birthday Cartoon Forum – we hope to be celebrating with you in another 25 years time!

David Hodgson is currently attending down in Toulouse, France. He’s delighted to be part of this year’s landmark gathering – especially as Pesky also have something exciting to celebrate regarding Cartoon Forum…

We can finally announce that ALL FOUR projects that Pesky have taken to Cartoon Forum over the years have been GREEN-LIT!

Pesky’s first Cartoon Forum was the memorable Llandudno, Wales in 2002!  We nervously pitched ‘Invisible INK’ to a packed room, not knowing where it would lead to.

Invisible Ink original designs by Claire Underwood at Pesky for TV show Invisible Network of Kids
It was a few years later that Samka Productions brought together all the financing and gave the project a revamp to make ‘Mission Invisible’ (or as it’s known in English speaking territories ‘I.N.K. Invisible Network of Kids’.)

The next year we went to Varase, Italy with ‘The Amazing Adrenalini Brothers!’ An excited panel gave a fun pitch with ‘live satellite link up’ to the brothers in ‘Rendoosia!’ Our trip to Cartoon Forum helped us secure the final pieces of the financial jigsaw – and a year later we were in production making 78 x 7 min episodes.

The Amazing Adrenalini Brothers

‘The Amazing Adrenalini Brothers!’ went on to win a Pulcinella award and BAFTA for best children’s animation.

2009 was a trip to Stavanger, Norway to pitch ‘Billion Dollar Bow-Wow.’  And we are proud to say that 5 years later this project is now fully financed and will be going into production soon.  We can’t say more than that at the moment – but will keep you posted!

Billion Dollar Bow-Wow image from Cartoon Forum presentation

Our fourth Cartoon Forum pitch was ‘Boj & Buddies’ in Sopot, Poland, 2011. A really fun pitch where David Hodgson, Claire Underwood and Dave Ingham wore some fabulously fetching, furry Boj ears…

David Hodgson, Claire Underwood and Dave Ingham presenting Boj at Cartoon Forum in Sopot 2011© Valerie de Halleux / CARTOON

Within 18 months ‘Boj & Buddies’ had been further developed and renamed to a simpler ‘Boj.’ Production of 50 x 11 mins plus a 22 min special is now complete and showing on CBeebies, RTE jnr, ABC 4Kids and very soon Sprout, France 5 and many more!

Boj waving an upcycled flag, with his buddies, Rupa, Gavin, Mia and Denzil in Giggly Park

Pesky would like to sincerely thank Cartoon Forum for creating a such a wonderful event!  You’ve been pivotal in helping small companies like us make their big dreams come true!

Happy 25th Birthday!

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